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Thread: Store discounts on 40k goods?

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    Store discounts on 40k goods?

    Hey folks,

    I know this is primarily a trading forum so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong area. I'm just looking for some information on stores in Austin.

    While I'm not new to the Austin area, I am new to 40k gaming in the Austin area. My previous location of play and buying units had a couple of stores that offered 10% discounts on anything that was 40k related. I was wondering if any local stores had a same / similar policy of 10% discounts on Warhammer goods.

    I know Dragon's Lair does not provide any discounts on 40k goods, and IIRC Tribal Comics doesn't either. Obviously the GW Shop on Lamar doesn't either. I haven't checked with any of the other gaming stores so I wasn't sure if anyone knew of any like Wonko's or any others who might provide said discount.


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    No discounts that I know of.
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